Project Name:

Little Baltimore Road Drainage Improvements

Project Limits:

Along Little Baltimore Road from Tenby Chase to Valley Road.

Project Need:

This project will address the drainage issues along Little Baltimore Road from Tenby Chase to the intersection with Valley and North Star Road.

Potential Future Improvements

Potential future improvements may include sidewalk along Little Baltimore from Farm Meadows lane to Woodside Creamery and along Valley Road up to Emandan Lane, and the reduction of the steep side slopes along Valley Road between the intersection of Little Baltimore Road and the entrance to Hockessin Hunt.

Project Overview:

The project will improve drainage and address flooding along the road. Proposed improvements will include widening the road to provide five foot shoulders on each side and construction of swales to keep water off the road. The existing narrow bridge will also be replaced as part of the project.

Anticipated/Actual Start Date

Spring 2019

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date:


(Reviewed and updated on 1/30/2017)