Project Update

Based on public input, several design modifications have taken place. The most significant change involves the roadway section from Otts Chapel Road to Route 4. Originally the design included three lanes in each direction. With the proposed modification, the plan would include two lanes on the southbound direction (heading towards Maryland) and three lanes on the northbound direction (heading into Newark). The third northbound lane will safely accommodate the heavy volume of right turns from Otts Chapel Road onto Elkton Road by making it a free flow right turn.

Other changes include:

  • The proposed crosswalk at the of Elkton Rd/Suburban Drive has been moved to the north leg of the intersection.
  • Bike lane widths have been expanded from 5' to 6' approaching intersections.
  • Most turn lanes widths have been narrowed from 12' to 11'.
  • Bicycle off-ramps have been added approaching the intersection with Suburban Drive.