Project Limits:

200 feet north and south of the bridge

Project Need

The existing concrete deck slab is showing signs of deterioration including cracks and large spalls with exposed corroded steel reinforcement on the bottom side. The top of the deck is covered with a surface treatment overlay that needs to be replaced. In addition, this bridge is currently listed as scour critical. The bridge is structurally deficient and was selected by the Pontis Bridge Management System for work. The bridge ranks 113th out of 1,399 on the Department's 2009 bridge deficiency list (via the bridge management program).

Project Overview:

This project involves the replacement of the existing concrete deck slab with precast prestressed concrete voided slabs and a hot mix overlay. Additional work includes rehabilitation of the existing concrete sheet piles, minor reconstruction of the approach roadway, installation of guardrail as needed, and placement of riprap in the stream to prevent scour. The work will be performed under a full road closure with detour.

Current Project Schedule:

Design Phase: Design work to be completed no later than October 2012

Construction Phase: Construction work to be completed in late Fall of 2013.