Project Limits:

Approximately 175 feet south and 100 feet north of the bridge

Project Need

The bridge consists of a corrugated metal arch on concrete footers with stone headwalls, wingwalls and parapets. The metal arch has significant corrosion just above the concrete footers on both sides of the channel and has been deemed structurally deficient by DelDOT's Bridge Management Section. Due to this, a project to replace this structure has been initiated.

Project Overview:

The existing bridge shall be removed in its entirety and shall be replaced with a new bridge. The new bridge shall be a cast-in-place concrete frame with concrete wingwalls. The new parapet adjacent to the sidewalks on both sides shall be completely faced with an inset stone veneer with a concrete cap. From the roadway and sidewalk, the new bridge will look similar to the existing bridge. Channel work shall be performed 20 feet upstream and downstream to stabilize the channel and stream slopes.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design completed March 2012

Construction Phase:

Completed Fall 2012.