Project Area:

Choptank Road is situated between Bunker Hill Road and Bethel Church Road in Southern New Castle County.

Project Description:

Choptank Road is a narrow two lane local road that carries relatively high volumes of traffic. New development in the Southern New Castle County will continue to increase traffic volumes along Choptank Road. Pavement condition is severely deteriorated due to high traffic volumes and the absence of a drainage system. Choptank Road is also part of Bicycle Route 1 and therefore must accommodate bicycles.

Project Overview

Choptank Road is approximately 4.8 miles long and will include the reconstruction of the pavement to provide two 11' travel lanes and two 5' shoulders. Three roundabouts will also be constructed in order to encourage safety, discourage truck traffic, and preserve the rural feel of Choptank Road. These roundabouts will be located on Choptank Road at Bunker Hill Road, Churchtown Road, and Bethel Church Road. Drainage will also be addressed by open drainage ditches, biofiltration swales, and stormwater ponds. Relocation of several utilities is anticipated as well.

Project Anticipated Start Date:

Advanced clearing and utility relocations are scheduled to begin Summer 2006. Major construction work will follow in Spring 2007, continuing into Spring 2010.

Press Releases

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