Project Limits:

Approximately 100 ft north and south of the bridge.

Project Need:

As a result of Hurricane Sandy, a great deal of debris and limbs flowed into the pipes on West Line Road. As a result, the existing corrugated metal pipes failed and the road experienced significant erosion. The existing structure will most likely not survive another storm event. Due to safety concerns, West Line Road was currently closed.

Bridge Photos

Location Map

Project Overview:

This project involved the replacement of the existing corrugated metal pipes with a precast concrete frame and wingwalls. A frame was chosen at this site to prevent future failures due to debris. Additional work included minor reconstruction of the approach roadway and placement of riprap in the stream to prevent scour.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

  • Design work completed February 2013.

Construction Phase:

  • Construction completed July 2013.

Project Status / Public Information:

Since West Line Road was closed due to Hurricane Sandy, DelDOT was actively working through the design process to replace the existing pipes with a structure that meets current design standards. This process included designing the new structure, coordinating with impacted utility companies, applying for environmental permits, and acquiring necessary easements to complete the work.

In response to concerns about this project, there is a meeting held on June 12, 2013 at Roxana Fire Hall at 8:30am. Bridge Design gave a short presentation with time-lines and then answered questions.