Project Limits:

Northbound and southbound bridges on U.S. 13 over abandoned Baylor Blvd just south of I-295.

Project Need:

The concrete decks and approaches for both bridges were spalled with exposed reinforcing bars. Abutments and wing-walls were spalled and cracked. Steel super structure paint was deteriorated with active corrosion, and bearings were misalignment. The functionality of Baylor Boulevard had changed so the length of the existing spans were no longer necessary.

Project Description:

This project had two primary objectives. The first objective was installation of a tunnel under U.S. 13 to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists. The tunnel is part of a recreational trail under development between Wilmington with the City of New Castle. The second objective was removal of the existing bridge and reconstruction of U.S. 13.

Project Timeline:

Anticipated Start Date: January, 2014

Completion Date: Summer 2015