Project Limits:

Bridge 1-701 carrying Otts Chapel Road over I-95
Bridges 1-703 & 1-703A carrying SR896 Northbound and Southbound over I-95

Project Need:

Periodic maintenance of bridges helps to extend their service life. These bridges exhibited cracking, spalling, and delaminating of the concrete in the deck, barriers, piers, and abutments. The existing joints needed repair or replacement and the existing bearings needed to be cleaned, painted, and greased.

Bridge 1-701 required spot painting of the steel girders, and Bridges 1-703 & 1-703A required full cleaning and repainting of the steel girders.

Project Overview:

This project involved the rehabilitation of Bridges 1-701, 1-703, and 1-703A, all of which are over I-95. The work involved repairing concrete spalls and cracks in the abutments and piers and minor approach roadway work including roadway patches, guardrail upgrades, and drainage structure improvements.

Bridge 1-701 required crack and spall repairs of the concrete deck and barriers, replacement of the existing joint strip seals, and spot painting of the existing steel girders.

Bridges 1-703 & 1-703 required full replacement of the existing joints and concrete barriers, the installation of a polyester polymer concrete overlay, and full cleaning and painting of the existing steel girders. Traffic was maintained throughout the project, with lane closures on I-95 restricted to nighttime only.

Project Timeline

Construction Phase: Started November, 2013.

Construction completion: Completed December 2015.

(Reviewed and Updated on 2/18/2016)