Bridge Artwork
# Summarized Comments
6 Satisfied with the design work of the artist and budget.
11 Not Satisfied with the design work of the artist. Support real stone, not cement stone.
Blue Ball Dairy Barn
# Summarized Comments
2 Not satisfied with the artist design. Too contemporary.
1 Barn should be more beige than pink.
2 Satisfied with the re-design plans of barn addition.
1 Don't support addition. Preserve to its original state.
Traffic Issues
# Summarized Comments
1 Existing traffic signal at Fairfax Shipping Center north of Bennigan's Restaurant would be better located at the existing ingress/egress immediately south of Bennigan's at First Union Bank.
1 Astra-Zeneca's egress for traffic to travel north on U.S. 202 should be shifted south to allow traffic onto 202 at this same point. Pedestrian traffic should also be accommodated on the north side of this intersection.
1 East Park Road needs to be dead-ended in park. Weldin Road cannot take anticipated traffic projections.
1 Murphy Road Westbound at 202 needs a dedicated right turn (not left).
2 Support Murphy Road remaining a four-lane road.
3 Remove all roundabouts.
1 Don't support replacing the right turn from Concord Pike with a left turn across northbound Foulk Rd. traffic.
2 Don't support eliminating the right turn from 202 south onto Augustine cut-off.
1 Satisfied with plans to alleviate traffic with transportation plan.
1 Road pattern - The whole project is an extravagant waste of land.
East Park
# Summarized Comments
1 Remove jungle gym on Weldin Road.
1 East Park Greenway Design: Connect sidewalk from Foulk to relocated Weldin and Greenway (so one can easily connect from North to South).
1 Be sensitive to Weldin Ridge residents' concern about the trail location.
1 Support storage facilities on site for multipurpose fields.
Stormwater Management
# Summarized Comments
1 Would like to be involved in stormwater management plan as early as possible.
Aesthetic Treatments
# Summarized Comments
1 Aesthetic treatments of lights, guardrails, walkways: Please make sure that these are in proportion to the roadways; side roads require smaller elements than 202, for example. Walkway should be attractive and safe.
Weldin Ruins Options
# Summarized Comments
4 Prefer Option 5
2 Prefer Option 3
2 Support moving ruins rather than building a structure out into the ROW.
1 Support using stone or concrete and stone for wall
1 Weldin Plantation preservation needs to stress archaeological values.
# Summarized Comments
7 LOOKS GREAT. Excellent job of communicating with the community.
1 Add pedestrian walkway on north side of Powder Mill Road adjacent to Astra Zeneca campus.