A temporary six-lane roadway will be installed in what will eventually become the permanent location of West Park Drive. The temporary road will carry traffic during the underpass construction on U.S. 202, scheduled to begin in 2003. After the underpass is completed, the six-lane temporary roadway will be converted into the permanent two-lane West Park Drive. At this time, additional landscaping will put in place.

In support of the Master Plan and AstraZeneca's commitments to reduce employee peak-hour trips, a transit plan was approved in late 2000. As part of this plan, Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) will begin transit services into Pennsylvania along U.S. 202 next year. DTC has been working with SEPTA to refine the details of these services. In addition, DelDOT and DTC are working with AstraZeneca to design and construct a transit center at AstraZeneca's access point on U.S. 202, north of Route 141. The transit center is proposed to be open by late 2002.

DelTrac, DelDOT's Intelligent Transportation Management System, will be operational along the Route 141 Corridor (from Tyler McConnell Bridge to I-95) by January 2002. DelTrac improvements include fiber communication links, video cameras, real time information, and loop detectors. These additions will provide the missing link in the transportation management communication network throughout the area.