Landscaping plays an important role in the Blue Ball Properties Master Plan, enhancing the park roads and trails and providing a pleasing visual buffer between the parkland and the US 202 roadway. Formal patterns are combined with more relaxed planting arrangements, creating an overall design that preserves the casual naturalness of the site's historic farm landscape. In keeping with the Blue Ball project's commitment to preserving Delaware's legacy, regional native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses provide attractive arrays of spring bloom, summer flowers, autumn color, and winter bark and berries.

The project builds on the existing beauty of the area by conserving mature trees adjoining Alapocas neighborhoods and adding shade and colorful flowering trees to create a gateway into the new park and the Alapocas community.

Plantings throughout the Blue Ball Properties will enrich the traveler's experience while enhancing the safety of local roads. Studies show plantings are a valuable tool for maintaining reasonable and safe travel speeds. In combination with lighting and signs, changes in the look and location of plantings increase drivers' awareness that they are entering residential communities, and "tell" them to adjust their speed accordingly.

The Blue Ball Properties landscape also includes a large, gently sloping grassland adjacent to the Blue Ball Dairy Barn. This "lawn" serves as a place for activities at the barn and other public gatherings. Trees planted in allées and in groves help to enclose this space and provide screening from the road.