The Blue Ball Properties Project is broken into several construction phases. Check this corner of the Update for the latest construction information.

West Side Improvements

The West Side improvements, scheduled to be under construction in Summer 2002, consist of important environmental and transportation features. These improvements include construction of a temporary six-lane road in the West Park, the restoration of the upper reaches of Alapocas Run, a portion of the trail system, new wetlands and most of the overall stormwater management system for the west side of US 202. Landscaping for these improvements will feature regional native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses.

A construction advisory committee is being developed to facilitate communication between the contractor, and residents and businesses in the construction area.

US 202, Augustine Cut-Off to Independence Mall

The widening and reconstruction of US Route 202 from Augustine Cut-Off to Independence Mall will be implemented during the second construction contract. Traffic will be diverted to a temporary six-lane roadway, which will allow for the construction of two new underpasses of US 202 at both East Park Drive and Foulk Road/SR141 Spur. This underpass construction is scheduled to begin in 2003 as part of the US 202 reconstruction. Furthermore, Weldin Road will be relocated to intersect with Foulk Road further north.

Subsequently, US 202 traffic will be back on the existing/reconstructed 202, and Weldin Road traffic will use relocated Weldin Road. The six-lane temporary road will then be converted into the permanent two-lane West Park Drive.