The Blue Ball Dairy Barn is the primary focus of activities in the West Park, due to its strong visual presence along US Route 202 and its easy access from the West Park Drive. Restoring the barn will provide residents with new community meeting facilities, as well as a wonderful historical resource.

The renovated barn will open to the public in the fall of 2004. The conceptual plan envisions a special exhibit space dedicated to the agricultural history of the Blue Ball Properties and reflecting the rural background of the area. A new addition will provide catering facilities and an elevator, which will permit easy access to all areas of the barn. Site improvements include a stone-paved entry courtyard, vehicle drop-off area, and 50-car paved parking area with 100 overflow parking spaces on the lawn.

Two landscaped outdoor areas are planned. A large public lawn immediately to the south of the barn will be maintained for community gatherings and for the informal enjoyment of members of the public. A garden is also planned for north of the building, a site that many remember as the kitchen garden for the barn. This garden area will be designed with the help of an artist, who will explore possibilities for paving, site furnishings, wall treatment of the screen wall, and interactive educational elements including historical references (Public Art article).