Project Limits:

Approximately 320' or 170' on each side of the bridge

Project Need:

The bridge consisted of three corrugated metal arch pipes with concrete head walls and wing walls. The metal pipes had significant corrosion inside them. Also, the downstream concrete head wall was being undermined by water that flows during heavy rain events. This bridge had been deemed structurally deficient by DelDOT's Bridge Management Section. Due to this, a project to replace this structure was initiated.

Project Overview:

The bridge was removed in its entirety and replaced with a new bridge. The new bridge is reinforced concrete pipes without head walls or wing walls. The pipes are extended downstream with channel work to address the scour issue. The sidewalk was also removed inside the project limits and replaced. There was also some slope work done.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design completed February, 2016.

Construction Phase:

Construction work completed October 2016.

Additional Comments:

Due to the level of work involved, this portion of the road was closed during construction. DelDOT was aware that this project was on a DART route and the contractor coordinated with DART prior to the start of the road closure. The temporary route change was be posted with DART and the nearby bus stops notifying customers of changes. DelDOT's construction work was completed by the above estimated time line.

(Reviewed and Updated on 2/23/2017)