SR 896 and Porter Road
Intersection Improvements

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[Overall Improvements] The intersection of SR 896 and Porter Road and the immediate area was identified in the 2010 Hazard Elimination Program as a safety concern, due to the number of accidents. This project is proposed to address that concern. The proposed improvements to the intersection include the following:

[Porter Road Improvements] Along Porter Road the westbound left turn lane onto 896 will be extended approximately 550 feet by removing the concrete median. The increased length of the left turn lane will allow the existing combination left and thru lane onto 896 and Glasgow Avenue to become a thru only lane. These improvements along with a new traffic signal designed to accommodate them will provide a safer and more efficient intersection.

To decrease conflict points and improve safety we will also be removing the acceleration lane along eastbound Porter road, and the guardrail along the right side of westbound porter road as they do not meet current standards. [Porter Road Before & After]

[SR 896 Improvements] Along southbound 896 a combination acceleration/deceleration lane will be added between Glasgow Avenue and the church entrance. This will facilitate merging onto 896 from Glasgow Avenue and from 896 into the church. There have been a number of rear-end collisions in this area as a consequence of some drivers coming to a complete stop before merging onto 896 at Glasgow Avenue. This improvement will help eliminate that problem. The auxiliary lane will also provide more time to decelerate outside of the normal flow on 896 for those entering the church.  [SR 896 Before & After]

The left turn lane onto Glasgow Avenue from northbound 896 will also be lengthened to improve its capacity.

There will be no right-of-way needs for this project as the proposed improvements fall within state-owned right-of-way.

The project is completed.