The Sussex County Pipe Replacements Project involved the replacement of large corrugated metal pipes with reinforced concrete pipes at four bridge locations throughout Sussex County. These locations included: Bridges 3-113, 3-409, and 3-941. The pipe structures at each location were structurally deficient and were selected by the Bridge Management Section to be replaced. Corrosion was occurring at the waterline of the pipes with 100% section loss at some locations. These bridges were ranked on 2012 DelDOT Bridge Deficiency List as follows (out of 1572 bridges): Bridge 3-113 ranked 30th, Bridge 3-409 ranked 107th, and Bridge 3-941 ranked 83rd.

During the pipe replacement, approach roadways and adjacent slopes were reconstructed as needed and riprap was placed in the stream for scour protection. Construction was anticipated to be completed in approximately 40 days for each location. All work was performed under full road closures provided with detours. It was the goal of the Sussex County Pipe Replacement project to improve the structural integrity of each location, promote safe vehicular travel and support an efficient, environmentally conscious waterway. Your patience, feedback and interest in the project was greatly appreciated.