Project Limits:

0.3 mile radius around the intersection of Baynard Boulevard (N206) and Shipley Road (N214).

Project Need

A Traffic Study was requested by Representative Heffernan and Senator Cloutier to analyze possible safety improvements at the intersection as a result of a pedestrian fatality crash at this location.

Project Overview:

The Traffic Studies Section has completed its review, and is recommending the installation of an All Way Stop at this intersection.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed following the virtual workshop.

Construction Phase:


Post installation traffic study:

After the All Way Stop is implemented, the intersection would be monitored for one year to understand the operational and safety concerns.

Additional Comments:

This project requires coordination with the signal design and maintenance section to modify the existing traffic signal at this location.

(Reviewed and Updated on 06/13/2017)