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Delaware Department of Transportation

Archaeology/Historic Preservation

Wilson Farm Tenancy Site on Choptank Road

Picture of an old home foundation found on site
Portion of an old
foundation found
at the site.

As part of widening Choptank Road near Middletown, a DelDOT survey found something that needed further inspection. After more than a month of archaeological digging, they have uncovered the foundation of what they believe was a tenant-farm home occupied in the late 1800s.

“This is a rare find,” said DelDOT archaeologist David Clarke. "What makes it rare is that researchers have found more than 20,000 artifacts, like pieces of plates, toys and farm equipment. These shards of daily living offer a glimpse into what life was like for a group of people we know little about," he said.

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Choptank Road Project

Informational brochure Archaeology Along Choptank Road - Click here to view the brochure

Informational brochure about Archaeology at the Wilson Farm Tenancy Site on Choptank Road - Click here to view the brochure

Maybe you can help! Perhaps you know some history about this area of Choptank Road or have some old photographs or memories you would like to share. Do you have knowledge of the Native Americans who lived in the area? Anyone with information about this area can contact DelDOT or the consulting firm of Kise Straw and Kolodner. Click on the images of the informational brochures above to view the actual brochures in Adobe PDF format.

David Clarke, DelDOT Archaeologist
David Clarke, Archaeologist for DelDOT, speaks to the media.
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Come along for a virtual tour of the site via the photo gallery.

See the display presented at the I-95 Service Area!

Display at I-95 Service Area

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