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Delaware Department of Transportation

Archaeology/Historic Preservation

Thomas Dawson

Public Involvement and Interpretation

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Public outreach and interpretation was a significant element of the Dawson Site treatment program. These efforts were closely integrated into the overall program, beginning with the field excavations. Taking advantage of the site's prominent location at a major intersection in Dover, road signs inviting the public to tour the site were put up and a kiosk was constructed to display posters and other interpretative material. More than 200 people toured the site during the excavations. Tours were led by crew members who took turns guiding visitors, so that visitors would always receive a fresh viewpoint. Visitors were encouraged to volunteer to assist in the excavations. Despite the cold  December weather, more than 200 people toured the site during the field excavations.

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A tri-fold informational brochure was printed to provide an overview of the project. Copies of the brochure were left in a box at the kiosk for visitors to take away. Copies of the tri-fold were also distributed throughout Dover while the excavations were in progress.

Newspaper coverage included articles in the in the News Journal, the Dover Post and the Delaware State News. Television station WBOC TV also aired a feature segment for the project.

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A popular report dealing with the 18th-century archaeology of Delaware, entitled Digging for Old Delaware, was prepared after completion of data analysis. A public-oriented poster board was also prepared, suitable for display in local libraries, schools, and building lobbies.


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