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Delaware Department of Transportation

Stormwater Management

Public Education

DelDOT is committed to engaging the public in stormwater pollution prevention. Below you will find materials developed for our public outreach and education efforts. For copies of any of these materials, contact DelDOT at 800.652.5600 (in-state) or 302.760.2080 (local or out-of-state).

The Dirt on Water Pollution
This presentation is for use by teachers to use for education programs. Two versions - long (45-minutes) and short (20 minutes) - are available. Speaker's notes are included

PDF:  long     short    |     PPT:  long     short

What Flows Down the Storm Drain Ends Up Here ... and Here
This brochure was sent to all New Castle County residents as an insert in their tax bills.

F.Y.I. - Stormwater Management
This brochure presents general stormwater pollution prevention information

DelDOT - Working to Protect Delaware's Waterways
This brochure describes DelDOT's storm drain system inventory and inspection program.

Put on Your Detective's Hat
This bookmark, designed for 5th graders, describes stormwater pollution prevention.

Let's Learn About Water
12-page children's activity booklet.

Delaware Nonpoint Source Educational Materials Survey
A review of educational documents and materials produced for use in nonpoint education in Delaware.

Delaware Nonpoint Source Public Events and Programs Survey
A review of nonpoint source programs and events available and applicable for participation in Delaware.

What is Your Doggy-Doo Doing?
A Description of the impact of pet waste on our waters and DelDOT's pet waste cleanup campaign.

Stormwater Pollution Found in Your Area!
This door hanger was distributed in neighborhoods with reported or suspected illicit dumping into the storm sewer system.

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