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Delaware Department of Transportation

Integrated Transportation Management Program

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Transportation Operations Management Plan

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Mobility in Sussex County is critical to the county's residents and businesses and to the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the county's resorts. During the resort season, the Delaware and Maryland beaches constitute a major urban area.

Year-round demands on the county's transportation system are driven largely by agriculture and tourism. Sussex County's transportation system must also support potential evacuations due to hurricanes or other coastal weather emergencies.

The 2017 TOMP report indicated that the complexity of Sussex County’s traffic congestion issues requires a variety of ideas for increasing capacity and reducing demand:

  • Improve intersection and corridor operations through signing, striping, and geometric modifications, including grade-separating lanes
  • Invest in real-time transit information and management tools to make transit more accessible and reliable for travelers
  • Enhance the public information system to enable educated choices about the mode of travel, route, and time of day

(An update to the Sussex County TOMP is planned for 2023.)

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