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Integrated Transportation Management Program

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Below you can find the most recent developments in DelDOT’s integrated transportation management program. For older articles, please visit the Archives page.

December 2022

Winter Weather? How DelDOT Works to Keep You Safe

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) works year-round to keep travelers safe and mobile. The harsh winter months can be particularly hazardous:

  • Icy roads increase the risk of collisions.
  • Heavy snow can reduce visibility to a few feet.
  • A bad storm can cause permanent damage to Delaware’s transportation system.
Winter Weather

DelDOT’s Integrated Transportation Management System (ITMS) helps us monitor, prepare for, and respond to these threats while keeping you and the rest of the traveling public informed.

DelDOT gives you a wealth of resources to stay on top of winter weather:

  • The free DelDOT app offers a travel map, snow tracker, and snow FAQ, among others. You can quickly and easily see travel advisories or report issues while on the go.
  • The TMC interactive map shows conditions throughout Delaware, including snow and ice accumulations. The map's traffic camera live feeds can identify blizzard white-out conditions or confirm sites affected by snow or sleet. Choose a map layer, such as Travel Times or Roadway Weather, in the drop-down menu to see the conditions along your route. You can even track DelDOT snowplows as they clear the roads!
  • Variable message signs update travelers who are already on the roadway.
  • DelDOT's traffic advisory radio station (WTMC 1380 AM and 98.5 FM) gives updates on roadway and transit conditions. You can also listen to WTMC through the DelDOT app.
Winter Weather

Letting you know what's going on is just part of what the ITMS can do. It also helps DelDOT workers monitor, prepare for, and respond to winter weather conditions:

  • Two weather monitoring networks, the Delaware Environmental Observing System and the state-owned Roadway Weather Information System, offer detailed, real-time data to help us manage the transportation network.
  • The National Weather Service provides forecasts and reports we use to anticipate upcoming weather and monitor major storms.
  • Delaware's real-time Computer-Aided Dispatch connects state emergency services so they can respond quickly when anything goes wrong.

DelDOT’s ITMS harnesses technology to manage transportation during even the worst winter weather. It keeps Delaware moving, no matter the season. For more information, visit the ITMS website.

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