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Delaware Department of Transportation

Integrated Transportation Management Program

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Transportation Operations Management Plan

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The Kent County TOMP applies DelDOT's extensive traffic data to identify congested areas in Kent County and recommend solutions. This TOMP report is aligned with the goals of the Dover/Kent MPO's Innovation Plan, which focus on principles of safety, efficiency, connectivity, reliability, integrated processes, system preservation, and sustainability.

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Kent County's population growth and the related residential and commercial development are adding traffic to the roadways, which is expected to get worse as growth continues. Analysis of traffic data revealed hotspots in Dover, Camden, and Northern Milford. In these areas, congestion slows Kent County travelers, especially during peak hours.

The 2021 Kent TOMP report recommended improvements in the three hotspot areas:

  • Add monitoring devices like travel time collectors to provide more robust data about where congestion occurs and why, enabling real-time transportation management and informing project prioritization
  • Improve intersection and corridor operations through signing, striping, and geometric modifications
  • Plan for the transportation effects of urban development and population growth

(An update to the Kent County TOMP is planned for 2024.)

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