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Integrated Transportation Management System

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Managing Congestion

Mobility Management

Traffic jam

Integrated Transportation Management extends the life of the existing Transportation System and makes
it more efficient.

Until we can build that new interchange, for example, perhaps we can reduce back-ups by resetting the timing on area traffic signals. Access to real-time schedule information on the internet, or on electronic kiosks at stations can help more people ride transit. Transportation Management increases our options.

Integrated Transportation Management saves time.

Every minute a roadway is blocked causes 5 minutes of delay.

Recurring congestion
If rush hour traffic is backed up at a signal for 10 minutes, the impact on local traffic will last for 50 minutes.

Non-recurring congestion
If it takes 15 minutes to clear an accident, traffic will be delayed one hour and 15 minutes.

Transportation Management saves money.

Integrated Transportation Management allows us to spend money more efficiently, across more miles and modes.

Integrated Transportation Management saves lives.

Managing congestion with technology will help us reduce those 20,500 yearly accidents...and that means we can save lives.

Bottom Line:

Managing transportation with technology can make our response to congestion faster, smarter and less costly.

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