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Delaware Department of Transportation

Integrated Transportation Management System

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The Challenge...

Relieve Congestion

Today...over 20,500 traffic roads up only 70% while traffic has doubled.... Congestion is diminishing our quality of life...

For years, Delaware has been able to build its way out of congested roadways. If a highway became too crowded, we simply added more lanes or built another road. For many reasons, that is becoming less of a possibility. With land availability shrinking, many are concerned about environmental impacts of road building, especially at a time when federal law mandates that we make improvements to our air quality. Sprawled or widespread development, with residences located far from workplaces and other activities, encourages congestion because people depend on their cars to get around.

Two Kinds of Congestion:

non-recurring congestion
recurring congestion
comparison chart

Skyrocketing Vehicle Miles Traveled:

congestion graph

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