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Delaware Department of Transportation

Dam Preservation Program

Welcome to the Dam Preservation Program homepage! Find out more about this unique program founded on a partnership between DelDOT and DNREC with the goal of ensuring state regulated dams are safe and well maintained.


The Dam Preservation Program was established in December 2013 by a Memorandum of Agreement executed by the secretaries of both departments. The need for such a program was established well before that time as a result of shared responsibilities at many of the state regulated dams and a significant number of dam failures over the past century. DNREC is home to the Dam Safety Program, who regulates dams around the state, and has sole or joint ownership responsibilities at 25 regulated dams. DelDOT has sole or joint ownership responsibilities at 35 regulated dams, due to their dual function as both an earthen dam and a roadway.

This unique partnership between DNREC and DelDOT, a first in the country, established a commitment of annual funding for maintaining and rehabilitating state regulated dams, as well as a commitment of shared resources between DNREC and DelDOT. More information about the Dam Safety Program can be found at More information about the Dam Preservation can be found in the video at

Program Details

There are 45 state regulated dams in accordance with the dam safety regulations of 2008(?). Of these 45, 6 are owned by public entities other than DNREC or DelDOT, 4 are solely owned by DNREC, 14 are solely owned by DelDOT, and the remaining 21 are jointly owned by DNREC and DelDOT. Through the partnership, DelDOT and DNREC are working together to address all of the 39 state-owned and state regulated dams. To date, the following work has been accomplished through this partnership:

  • Completed Projects
    • Updated H&H analyses of all 39 state-owned and state regulated dams
    • Updated Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) for all 39 state-owned and state regulated dams
    • Hearns Pond Dam Improvements
    • Records Pond Dam Improvements
    • Trussum Pond Dam Repairs
  • Active Projects

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