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Vacation of Sheep Pen Road

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WHEREAS, The Delaware Department of Transportation, (DelDOT) has custody and control of an improved portion of Sheep Pen Road, Millsboro; and
WHEREAS, the adjoining property owners, have petitioned DelDOT to consider the vacation and abandonment of an improved portion of Sheep Pen Road, measuring approximately 3,696 linear feet +/-, which, upon construction of a new development and alternative parallel road, will cease to be of necessity to the highway system.

WHEREAS, Title 17, Section 1311 of the Delaware Code grants DelDOT the authority to vacate and abandon public roads or parts thereof, ceasing to be of necessity to the general highway system.

For additional information contact Ida J. Parrett, SR/WA, DelDOT Operation Services Manager: 302-760-2242 or

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