Press Release -- December 20, 2011
DMV to Extend Driver License Renewal Period to Eight Years

Beginning in January, Renewal Period Will Begin to Migrate From 5-Year to 8-Year Term to Maintain DMV Service Levels and Control Costs

Dover -- A new driver licensing renewal process will begin in January 2012, aimed at reducing the frequency that Delaware residents will need to visit their local Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Office. Next month the Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and the DMV will begin issuing driver licenses for a period of up to eight (8) years to some drivers. Current Delaware licenses expire after a maximum of five (5) years.

The number of licensed drivers in Delaware has increased by nearly 100,000 in just the last ten years. The current number is a little more than 652,000. The growing number of licensed drivers combined with equally rising numbers of registered vehicles, is projected to put increasing strain on the state's ability to provide fast and efficient customer service to DMV customers. The extension to eight year renewals will allow for future growth of licensees while reducing the frequency with which customers will need to visit DMV.

In order to effectively transfer more than 650,000 people to the new eight-year-term and evenly distribute customer volume, it will be necessary for the DMV to renew some driver licenses for less than the full eight years during the migration process. To accomplish this, a computer program will randomly select those with expiring licenses for renewal lengths of five, six, seven, or eight years. All renewals will expire on the applicant's birth date. There is no fee increase in this program as the cost of renewal will be tied to the length of the renewal and will maintain the current annual rate. Once the full migration process is completed by December 12, 2016, all driver licenses will be issued for eight years unless the customer is limited by their legal presence in the United States or carries a hazardous material endorsement.

DMV has introduced many new and innovative options in recent years to ensure customers have a pleasant experience while doing business. Online services such as Next of Kin registration, automated renewal notifications, drive through options, and live video feeds to check customer volumes at inspection lanes and waiting areas have all helped create improved customer service.

The DMV website ( will feature a special information section on the new renewal program and a toll free help desk line is available for anyone with questions on the program at 1-877-477-7117.

Pricing Charts for License Classes, CDL, and Motorcycle Endorsements

Class D and Non-CDL Class A & B Driver Licenses

The fee for a 5-year driver license is $25 and will increase at a rate of $5 per year, not to exceed 8 years. See chart below.

5-year driver license - $25.00
6-year driver license - $30.00
7-year driver license - $35.00
8-year driver license - $40.00

If you are a permanent driver license* holder, the fee for a 5-year permanent driver license is $15 and will increase at a rate of $3 per year, not to exceed 8 years or a $24 fee. See chart below.

5-year permanent driver license - $15.00
6-year permanent driver license - $18.00
7-year permanent driver license - $21.00
8-year permanent driver license - $24.00

Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL)

The fee for a 5-year CDL is $30 and will increase at the rate of $6 per year, not to exceed 8 years. See chart below. CDL's endorsed for hauling hazardous materials will remain on a 5 year renewal cycle.

5-year CDL - $30.00
6-year CDL - $36.00
7-year CDL - $42.00
8-year CDL - $48.00

Motorcycle Endorsement

The fee for motorcycle endorsements are $8.00 for a 5-year endorsement and $12.00 for an 8-year endorsement. Motorcycle endorsements are not available for 6-year or 7-year endorsements.

For all licenses, a $1.15 late fee is charged if the renewal takes place after the expiration date.