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Over the counter map purchases may be made Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Administration Center, Contract Administration, 800 Bay Road, Dover.  Not open Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. Please fill in the form below and click SUBMIT.
Contact Information

Free Map Order Information
(Limit 3 maps per mailing address)
Description Size Scale Quantity Price
Delaware Official Transportation Map 22.75"x37" 1"=2.75mi $0.00
Delaware Official Transportation Map - Official Tourist Map.  Printed in full color and illustrates interesting features of the state with photographs and descriptive notes.  Shows state routes, US routes, cities, and towns.
New Castle County Bicycle Map This link opens a PDF File 24"x32"   $0.00
Kent County Bicycle Map This link opens a PDF File 20"x32"   $0.00
Sussex County Bicycle Map This link opens a PDF File 32"x32"   $0.00
Delaware Bicycle Maps - Complete county maps printed in full color. Depicts the condition of the road on a network of state, regional and connector routes. Features bike shops, park & ride facilities, off road trails, and more!
State Map Order Information
Description Size Scale Quantity Price
State Base Map 20"X44.5" 1cm=1.5km $1.00
State Base Map - Complete state map printed in black with water detail in blue.  Shows US routes, state routes, and other roads under the jurisdiction of DelDOT.  Shows cities, towns, villages, and other details.
County General Highway Map Order Information
Description Size Scale Quantity Price
New Castle County 23"x28" 1"=1.5mi $2.00
Kent County 24.5"x28.5" 1"=1.5mi $2.00
Sussex County 34.25"x27.75" 1"=1.5mi $2.00
These county maps may also be obtained at a scale of 1"=1 mile (wall map size) plotted in-house upon request.   This requires a minimum of 5 days for plotting.
New Castle County 34"x42" 1"=1mi $17.00
Kent County 36"x42" 1"=1mi $17.00
Sussex County 51"x41" 1"=1mi $17.00
Supplement Sheets Order Information
Description Size Scale Quantity Price
Sheet "A" New Castle County 37"x36" 1"=3000' $2.00
Supplement Sheet - Enlarged area of New Castle County sheet covers the northern half of the county.  Map includes suburban street detail.
Atlas of Delaware Order Information
Full scale and half scale items are sold by sheets.  You can view the atlas index to determine which sheet(s) you are interested in ordering by clicking here.   Enter the sheet number(s) in the "SHEET" column below, separated by a comma.  Be sure the "QUANTITY" column reflects the number of sheets you are ordering.
Description Size Scale Sheets Quantity Price
Full Scale Map Sheet 24"x36" 1"=1500' $0.50
Small Scale Map Sheet 15"x24" 1"=2500' $0.30
Bound Kent County Atlas 15"x24" 1"=2500' SET $14.00
Bound New Castle County Atlas 15"x24" 1"=2500' SET $14.00
Bound Sussex County Atlas 15"x24" 1"=2500' SET $14.00
Bound State Atlas 15"x24" 1"=2500' SET $18.00
New Index Sheets     SET $2.00
These maps are primarily used for subdivision information, showing roads and streets in the state.  Solid roads denote roads maintained by the state.  Maps are updated periodically, bound sets include an index for locating roads, streets, water features, places, parks, and historic places.
Hundreds Maps Order Information
Description Size Quantity Price
New Castle County 23"x28" $0.50
Kent County 24.5"x28.5" $0.50
Sussex County 34.25"x27.75" $0.50
New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties are one color maps with Hundreds Boundaries overprinted in an additional color.  (Areas known as "Hundreds" were established in the Colonial era to define areas capable of providing subsistence for 100 families.  These political subdivisions, smaller than a county, are still used for some purposes.)
Functional Classification Maps Order Information
Functional classification maps should be ordered by county.
Description Size Scale Quantity Price
New Castle County 23"x28" 1"=1.5mi $14.00
Kent County 24.5"x28.5" 1"=1.5mi $14.00
Sussex County 34.25"x27.75" 1"=1.5mi $14.00
Interstate, other freeways/expressways, other principal arterials, major and minor collectors, and local roads are highlighted on these four color maps of the three counties.  Also shown are urbanized and urban boundaries.
Shipping Information
Mail orders will be folded and mailed in envelopes unless the order contains rolled maps that are 42" or less or bound atlas sets, which require tube mailing at an additional cost of $1.50.
Option Price
Standard (Folded in Envelope) $0.00
Tube Mailing (required for all bound Atlas sets and for rolled maps that are 42 or less) $1.50
For faster delivery, please provide your UPS or FedEx account number below:
   UPS   FedEx
If you are only requesting free maps, your request will be submitted directly to the DelDOT Public Relations Office.  If you are requesting other maps, you must print the printer-friendly view available on the next page and mail with appropriate payment.
Each order must be accompanied by exact amount of money order or check made payable to:  Delaware Department of Transportation.  Postage stamps or COD orders cannot be accepted.  A 25 percent discount will be granted to US Government, State, County, and Municipal Agencies when maps are acquired for official use only.

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Copyrighted materials prepared by the Department of Transportation cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission from the Geographic Information Section, Department of Transportation.  (As in Title 17, US Code.
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