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Enhancing Delaware Highways

Roadside Vegetation Concept and Planning Manual
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Table of Contents
Benefits and rationale for roadside landscape design and management
Objectives of the manual
Audiences for the manual
History and Tradition of Roadside Vegetation
Legislation relevant to roadside vegetation
History of roadside landscape design
Elements of landscape as they apply to roadsides
Public Opinion
Design Opportunities and Limiting Factors
Defining roadside zones
Clear zone distances
Drainage issues
Utility locations
Lines of sight
Erosion control
Functions of roadside vegetation
Landscape Planning Process
Site inventory
Roadway limitations
Climate and growth conditions
Cultural and historical characteristics
Design approach description and selection
Regional approach
Regional-ornamental approach
Fully ornamental approach
Landscape layers and elements
Ground layer
Shrub layer
Tree layer
Installation and maintenance strategies
Cutting back
Routine mowing
Discontinued mowing
Deliberate planting
Illustrated examples
Examples of the regional design approach
Examples of the regional-ornamental design approach
Examples of the fully ornamental design approach
The Plant Palette: Charts by Plant Type This link opens a PDF File
Cost Analysis This link opens a PDF File
Appendix A: Checklists-Inventory of Site Conditions
Appendix B: Cross Reference of Plant Palette by Common Name
Appendix C: Illustrated Plant Palette: Selected Examples
Appendix D: Recommended References
Literature Cited
Written, edited and prepared by:
Susan Barton, University of Delaware
Rick Darke, Rick Darke LLC
Gary Schwetz, Delaware Center for Horticulture
Graphic Design by: Carrie Finnie

Produced under contract with the Delaware Department of Transportation,
Nathan Hayward III, Secretary

April 2005

A copy of this manual is available free of charge by e-mailing Kathleen Turner This link opens an email client at the University of Delaware.
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