Each year the Department of Transportation develops a 6-year Capital Transportation Plan (CTP) that identifies anticipated capital investments. This plan is developed in cooperation with the Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO), Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization and Sussex County. The plan provides information on the actual cost expenditures for each project phase that are anticipated in each specific fiscal year. The following documents provide a brief overview of the process and specific information about DelDOT's prioritization criteria.

Planning Organizations

Current Plan:

The FY17 to FY22 Capital Transportation Program (CTP) is currently being revised based on anticipated revenues for FY17. These modifications and amendments are currently going through the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) approval process. Information on these changes is available from their websites (see links above). Upon approval by the MPO's the information will be forwarded to FHWA for final approval in October 2016.

Proposed Plan – FY18 to FY23:

The following documents provide information on the proposed capital transportation program for the upcoming 6 year cycle. DelDOT in conjunction with the Council on Transportation (COT) make this plan available to the public during the month of August and September and accepts public comments up to 10 days after the last public workshop. The COT considers the public comments and provides final approval of the Capital Transportation Program by March 1st of the following year. The funding of the program is enabled through Bond Bill legislation for the next fiscal year.

On February 22, 2017, the Council on Transportation approved the proposed FY18 to FY23 Capital Transportation Program. Below are the links associated with that meeting, along with the COT approval letter to the Governor.

Statewide Public Workshops

Submit a comment about the plan to: DelDOT Public Relations