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DelDOT Projects

New Castle County

List Bullet  Boyd's Corner Road (Cedar Lane to US 13)
List Bullet  Carr Road / Marsh Road Interchange Improvements
List Bullet  Cedar Lane Rd, Marl Pit Rd to Boyds Corner Rd
List Bullet  Centreville Safety Study
List Bullet  Centreville Transportation Plan
List Bullet  Christina River Bridge and Approaches
List Bullet  Churchmans Crossing Area Monitoring
List Bullet  Churchmans Rd (Christana Hosp. to SR1)
List Bullet  Claymont Transportation Plan
List Bullet  Proposed Route Designation Changes - DE Route 41 and DE Route 2
List Bullet  Glasgow Avenue
List Bullet  HSIP NCC SR 71, Old Porter Road to SR 7
List Bullet  I-95 Corridor Projects
List Bullet  Interstate Bridge Maintenance, South (BR 1-701, 703, 703A)
List Bullet  Jamison Corner (Relocated at Boyd's Corner)
List Bullet  Howell School Road
List Bullet  Manor Ave. Sidewalk Improvements
List Bullet  Marshallton Village Streetscape Improvements
List Bullet  Mill Creek Road and Stoney Batter Road Intersection
List Bullet  Myrtle Avenue Sidewalk Improvements
List Bullet  Newark Regional Transportation Center
List Bullet  New Castle Intersection Improvements
List Bullet  Northern Delaware Greenway - Talley Road Section
List Bullet  Old Baltimore Pike and Salem Church Road Intersection Improvements
List Bullet  Old Lancaster Pike Pedestrian Bridge Placement
List Bullet  Possum Park Road Improvements
List Bullet  Shipley Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
List Bullet  SR1 Corridor Projects
List Bullet  SR 2, Pike Creek Road to Woodmill Drive
List Bullet  SR 4, Elkton Road to SR 896
List Bullet  SR 7 at Skyline Drive, Intersection Improvements
List Bullet  SR 52 & SR 82 Intersection Improvements
List Bullet  SR 72, McCoy Road to SR 71
List Bullet  SR 72 & Old Baltimore Pike Intersection Improvements
List Bullet  SR 273, Appleby Road to Airport Road
List Bullet  SR 273, Harmony Road Intersection Improvements
List Bullet  US 301 Project Development
List Bullet  US 40 and SR 7 Intersection Improvements
List Bullet  US 40
List Bullet  Eden Square Connector
List Bullet  Porter Road to SR 71
List Bullet  Route 40 Railroad Crossing
List Bullet  SR 7, Newtown Road to SR 273
List Bullet  US 40 and SR 72 Intersection Improvements

Kent County

List Bullet  SR 1 @ N.E. 10th Street & at N.E. Front Street/New Wharf Road Interim Improvements
List Bullet  SR 1 @ N.E. 10th Street & at N.E. Front Street/New Wharf Road Interim Improvements
List Bullet  SR1 Corridor Projects
List Bullet  SR10 & SR15 Intersection
List Bullet  West Dover Connector

Sussex County

List Bullet  Cedar Grove Road/Postal Lane Intersection Realignment
List Bullet  Hearns Pond Dam
List Bullet  HSIP Sussex County, US 9 Project
List Bullet  HSIP Sussex County, US 9 and SR 5 Intersection
List Bullet  Iron Branch Road
List Bullet  Patriot's Way Area Improvements
List Bullet  SR24, Mulberry Knoll Road to SR1
List Bullet  SR1 Corridor Projects
List Bullet  SR 26 Mainline and Detour Routes Projects
List Bullet  SR 54 Mainline Improvements
List Bullet  US 113 at Alms House Road/Speedway Road and US 113 Kruger Road/Wood Branch Road Safety Improvements
List Bullet  US 113 Intersection Improvements Project
List Bullet  US 113 at Ennis Road/North Street
List Bullet  US 113 at Millsboro Town Center/1st Street
List Bullet  US 113 North/South Study
List Bullet  US 13 at Rifle Range Road
List Bullet  US 13 at SR30/Dorothy Road
List Bullet  US 13 Seaford Intersection Improvements Project
List Bullet  Zoar / Speedway / Bethesda Project


List Bullet  Bridge Projects


List Bullet  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
List Bullet  Delaware Strategic Highway Safety Plan
List Bullet  SR-1 Corridor Projects
List Bullet  State-wide study on Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel
List Bullet  Delaware Bicycle Facility Master Plan
List Bullet  Delaware Statewide Pedestrian Action Plan
List Bullet  Rails-to-Trails/Rail-with-Trail System Master Plan
List Bullet  Transportation Management Team (TMT) Program

First State Trails and Pathways Projects

List Bullet  Churchmans Road Pathway - Phase I
List Bullet  Junction and Breakwater Trail - Rehoboth Extension
List Bullet  New Castle Industrial Track Trail - Phase III
List Bullet  New Castle Industrial Track Trail - Phase IV
List Bullet  Newark to Wilmington Pathways Concept Study
List Bullet  Route 273 Multi-Use Trail

Cultural Resource Efforts

List Bullet  Archaeology Explorations and Historic Preservation

Project Planning Information

List Bullet  Delaware Highway Statistics
List Bullet  HPMS (Highway Performance Monitoring System)
List Bullet  Municipal Street Aid
List Bullet  Traffic Mitigation Agreements (New Castle County)

Completed Projects

New Castle County

List Bullet  Chesapeake City Rd Bridge (BR1-366)
List Bullet  Greenway Talley Road
List Bullet  I-95 Newark Toll Plaza
List Bullet  SR 2, South Union Street
List Bullet  SR 2 and Upper Pike Creek Road
List Bullet  SR 141, Centre Rd, Kirkwood Hwy to Faulkland Rd
List Bullet  Blue Ball Projects
List Bullet  Boyd's Corner Intersection
List Bullet  Elkton Road, Casho Mill Road to Delaware Ave.
List Bullet  Greenbank Rd and Albertson Blvd
List Bullet  SR 896 and Porter Rd

Kent County

List Bullet  Carter Road - Sunnyside Road to Wheatleys Pond Road
List Bullet  South Governors Avenue

Sussex County

List Bullet  SR 1/SR 30 Grade Separation
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