Project Limits:

The project is located in southern New Castle County on Cedar Lane Road, just north of Middletown. The southern end point is Bridge 403, which is south of Marl Pit Road, and the northern end point is Boyds Corner Road.

Project Need:

The project will address operational, safety, and drainage problems caused by the increase in development in southern New Castle County.

Project Overview:

Cedar Lane Road will be widened to provide 12-foot travel lanes, 8-foot shoulders, an open ditch drainage system and a 10-foot multi-use path. Intersection Improvements will be made to the intersection of Cedar Lane Road and Marl Pit Road. In addition, bridges 401 and 402 will be replaced.

Current Project Schedule:

Design for this project is currently on hold. Design will resume as funding allows.

Current Construction Dates:


Contractor and Cost:


(Reviewed and Updated on 12/18/2015)