Find out more about this community-driven program that facilitates the development of non-traditional transportation projects!


The Transportation Enhancements Program, established through federal legislation, is intended to encourage development of a more balanced, multi-modal approach to mobility and accessibility.

The Transportation Enhancements Program provides funding for non-traditional, transportation related projects. These projects help to further the cultural, aesthetic, and environmental goals of the communities in which they are built.

All federal Transportation Enhancements projects must meet the following three criteria:

  • The project must have a relationship to surface transportation;
  • The project must be dedicated to public use;
  • The project must fit into at least one of the eligible activities.

Examples of projects include:

  • installing sidewalks
  • preserving scenic and historic areas
  • rehabilitating historic buildings
  • creating bicycle and multi-use pathways
  • renovating streetscapes
  • installing lighting and crosswalks