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Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway
The Byway begins where the Maryland Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway ends on Willow Grove Road, Kent County. The route traverses known Underground Railroad sites in Camden and Dover, continues north on US 13, passing through Smyrna, then continues on Rte 15 to Middletown and Odessa. It then follows Route 9 along the Delaware River to Wilmington, where it weaves through 13 Underground Railroad sites. Then it follows Kennett Pike and ends at the Delaware-Pennsylvania State Line.
Approximately 95 miles (including the loops)
Drive Time
About 3 hours
Full Enjoyment Time
2-3 days
Byway Contacts
Debbie Martin  This link opens an email client
Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware
Byway Management
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad BywayBefore the Civil War, African American Freedom Seekers fled north to freedom through a combination of people and landscapes that became known as the "Underground Railroad." As the last slave state, Delaware was a critical leg to freedom. Harriet Tubman and other "conductors" led more than 3,000 Freedom Seekers through Delaware. Wilmington Quaker, Thomas Garrett, was influential on orchestrating the Underground Railroad network in Delaware through organization of members and safe locations.

This Byway provides the traveler with an alternative travel routeHarriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway through the state in a generally south to north orientation while giving opportunities to experience Delaware's Underground Railroad history through locations where this history happened.
Points of Interest
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