Welcome to the web site of the Delaware Bicycle Council. We invite you to visit often and to use this site as a tool to learn about upcoming events and to remain informed about issues that impact the cycling community.

I am committed to making our lovely state safe and accessible to cyclists of all interests and abilities ...
As the new chair of the Delaware Bicycle Council, let me introduce myself. My name is Amy Wilburn and I have been a member of the Council since 2001. I learned to ride a bike in the summer twilight when I was eight, and fell in love with cycling from the moment I succeeded in getting the wheels to revolve five times before losing my balance. Since that evening, I have ridden in 19 states, two Canadian provinces, England and Wales. The short list of places I have yet to ride is longer than I can hope to accomplish. My husband, two daughters, and sister also bicycle. The numerous day and multi-day trips that we have taken and continue to take have created enduring bonds and incredible memories. I don't do pace lines, compared to most my cycling equipment is decidedly low-tech, and I will always be a member of "Team Lance Armstrong Not", but I ride thousands of miles every year for transportation and recreation, and bicycling has become a natural part of my routine. I think of myself as the cyclist every Delawarean can become. For this reason, I am committed to making our lovely state safe and accessible to cyclists of all interests and abilities from the racer, to the dedicated commuter who braves the icy rains of a December night, to the young family that rides a few miles a few times a year in good weather. I am honored to accept the responsibilities and opportunities of chair of the Delaware Bicycle Council.

With gas prices exceeding $4 per gallon, concerns about global warming and pollution, an inactive and overweight population, traffic congestion, and an increasingly inadequate and expensive infrastructure, we are at an ideal time to promote bicycling as a solution to these woes. Although we have made progress, I believe that there is much yet to accomplish to make Delaware bicycle friendly. We must further enhance our infrastructure to accommodate cyclists. We must continue to promote safe practices and educate young people and adults about the rights, needs and responsibilities of bicyclists. We must partner with the community to provide further opportunities for cycling and to create a bike-friendly atmosphere. The Delaware Bicycle Council is in a unique position to coordinate these efforts. But we need your help. I encourage you to attend our bi-monthly meetings, participate in DelDOT and WILMAPCO planning workshops, write a letter to the newspaper, and contact your government officials. Volunteer your time to teach safety to children. Participate in the numerous bike-related events throughout the year. Join one of the bicycle clubs or advocacy groups, or form your own neighborhood committee. And most importantly, keep on riding. If everyone who races or who bikes for exercise or scenery or to "go green", and if everyone who savors the child-like freedom of riding makes their voices heard and their presence known, we can make Delaware the Diamond State for cyclists.

In closing, we welcome your input. Please contact us to report a problem, suggest a solution or event, or to become more directly involved in the work of the Council. Council meetings are open to the public and we encourage anyone who is passionate about cycling in Delaware to participate. Be sure to check out our calendar for the schedule of meetings and other bicycling related events throughout the state!

Thanks for your interest and let the good times roll.

Amy Wilburn, Chair